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My App Management is a mobile management application that completes the My App Concierge package and allows hotels to coordinate all the most relevant activities for a hotel facility in an extremely innovative way: Housekeeping, Porterage, Common Area Management and Maintenance.
An effective communication system, simple and intuitive, combined to an advanced control and monitoring system, will allow you to provide the right solutions to any management problem between hotel, guests, and specialized staff. Manage your hotel with one app: cleaning, room service, maintenance operators, beach service and more: you will have a solution to every problem at your fingertips.
I would like to offer an excellent room service level, to leave a mark and e be remembered by my guests. How can I do it?

Room Assistance module

With Room Assistance, guests can send a room assistance request in real time, specifying their need, fault or problem through the convenient text field.
The maintenance operator will receive a warning alert in real time and, after performing their maintenance operation, he will inform both the Reception and the guest of the repair made.
A simple and effective system to meet guests’ needs and remedy possible complaints, thus avoiding the risk of bad reviews!
In the hotel it is difficult to direct actions to be performed in each room, maintenance requests, porters’ activities…is there a way to easily manage all this?

Housekeeper module

The Housekeeper module is ideal to manage different organizational needs. You will be able to:
Configure a digital room plan at your disposal: directly from the back office, you can divide rooms into several categories (Free – Arriving – Engaged – Departing) specifying the operations to be performed in each of them.
Manage minibar food and drinks used: they will be sent through the back office directly to the Reception and billed to the account of the customer, who will be able to view the balance at any time.
Request maintenance operator’s assistance: with the possibility to indicate the type of fault to be solved and attach a photograph to better specify the extent of the damage.
Coordinate the porter’s operation: for a quick and efficient optimization of working times for all these sectors.
It is not easy to communicate in real time with my employees and inform them of the need for intervention in the facility. How can an app help me?

Our guests cannot share the reasons for their complaints during their stay. And when they go away, they leave bad reviews on our facility. How can we solve this problem?

My App Management – Maintenance Operator

The Maintenance Operator module simplifies communication between guests, Reception and Maintenance Operator.
The system sends push notifications to the Maintenance Operator, who will have an updated list of operations accessible from all PCs and devices connected to the network.
This way the Maintenance Operator will be able to act promptly in the event of complaints by guests, who will appreciate the speed with which the hotel responds to their needs.
Baggage transportation, car parking, small commissions: is it possible to manage all porter’s activities together?

My App Management – Porter

With the Porte module, you can manage and optimize your collaborators’ activities by monitoring in real time what has already been done and what is still to be done.
As in the case of the Maintenance Operator, the Porter will receive push notifications from both guests and the Reception, and will make sure in real time of the operations to be performed and their progress.
It will no longer be required to cover unnecessary distances, with MyApp every porter will always know what to do and where to do it with just a click!
How difficult it is to offer an efficient beach service! Is it possible to coordinate everything with a single mobile application?

My App Management – Lifeguard and Beach

With MyApp, every lifeguard can check the availability of umbrellas in real time, make sure that guests are actually present in the hotel and see them to their assigned umbrella.
The Reception can also control the bathing area: from the software of the back office it is possible to check the availability and assignment of umbrellas in real time.
And what if your hotel does not offer a beach service? No problem, you can enter into agreements with our partners and manage everything directly from their back office, without risking overbooking-beach.

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